The Strypes

The Strypes – Evan Walsh, O’Hanlon, guitarist Josh McClorey and singer Ross Farrelly – started playing together before they were even teenagers, relentlessly gigging around Ireland and quickly becoming the hottest ticket in any town they happened to rock up to. They arrived like a tin can full of firecrackers on the UK music scene in 2012; their debut album ‘Snapshot’ deserves to be filed next to other opening gambits by the likes of The Stones, The Yardbirds, Dr Feelgood and The Jam.

Influenced as much by acts like the Arctic Monkeys and George Clinton as the band had previously been by records from Bo Diddley or Nick Lowe, McClorey would sometimes work on demos on his laptop before bringing them to the band who would then turn what he had completely on its head. Other times songs would come from a bass riff, drum loop or a tape splice of something else they had been working on, re-fashioned to create an entirely new idea. Essentially, it was a million miles away from rehearsing old blues covers after school.

2015’s album ‘Little Victories’ saw The Strypes hit the road, travelling throughout the UK, Europe, and further afield to Japan on a whirlwind tour.

2017 saw the The Strypes release their third studio album, ‘Spitting Image’. Their ‘Demos’ EP followed the album later in the year, which featured 5 acoustic versions of tracks from the album. In 2017 The Strypes toured UK, Japan and US with festival dates in Europe.